April 12, 2023


Please congratulate our newest Board members:
Chief Rick Stokoe (VP at Large)
Chief Mike Krantz (Secretary-Treasurer)
Chief Jason Van Meter (District #13 Representative)
Retired Chief Terry Wright (Retired Members Representative)
The OACP looks forward to their representation and leadership in the coming years.


(Left to right) Chief Mike Krantz (Bend PD) - Secretary/Treasurer; Chief Marcia Harnden (Albany PD) - 2nd Vice President; Chief Chris Skinner (Eugene PD) - Past President; Chief Matt Scales (McMinnville PD) - OACP President; Chief Mark Daniel (Mt. Angel) - 1st Vice President; Chief Rick Stokoe (Boardman PD) - VP at Large


Congratulations to the following OACP Special award winners (Photos below):

Chief Ken Rueben - President's Award
Chief Matt Workman - Paul Nagy Award
Chief Jim Ferraris (Ret.) - Karlyn Campbell Award

Incoming President Chief Matt Scales presents Chief Chris Skinner with his 2022-2023 Presidents Award and Presidents Badge.

Chief Mathew Workman, Warrenton PD -
Paul Nagy Award Winner. Standing with Matt is Awards Co-Chair Rick Stokoe and OACP President Chris Skinner.

Chief Jim Ferraris, Woodburn PD (Ret.) -
Karlyn Campbell Award Winner. Standing with Jim is OACP Executive Director Kevin Campbell and OACP President Chris Skinner

Chief Ken Rueben, Philomath PD -
President's Award Winner. OACP President Chris Skinner presents Ken with the award. 

A BIG thank you to the following:

Vendor Ambassadors: Dave Rash, Mitch Hicks, Henry Reimann, Jim DeSully, Ryan Eaton, Ken Rueben, Don Ballou, Gary Bell, John Schmerber

Presenter Hosts: Dave Rash, Mitch Hicks, Henry Reimann, Marcia Harnden, Ryan Eaton

And a special SHOUT OUT to Retired Chief Terry Wright (and now District 17 Representative) for his tireless help throughout the conference wherever it was needed! 

Conference Evaluation Form

If you attended the conference and have not already completed the evaluation form, please take a moment to give us your feedback.

Your responses help make our training relevant and engaging. Thank you in advance for your time.

2023-24 Committee Sign Ups

The OACP has nine “standing committees” and one “special committee” and each have immense importance to the OACP. The committees are vital for the OACP to continue to function efficiently and are a wonderful example that we are a member-run association. Click on the button below to sign up.


GLOCK Raffle Proceeds

The GLOCK Raffle at the Annual Conference was a hit! Congratulations to Chief Marcia Harnden who won the sought-after GLOCK. We raised more than expected - $1,720! Proceeds from the raffle will go toward Special Olympics Oregon and College Scholarships.

Reedsport Police Department

Police Sergeant
Salary: $59,171.40 – $79,743 annually
Filing Deadline: May 2, 2023

Click here for a job brochure.
Click here to apply.

Placing an advertisement with the OACP is a great way to expand the market reach of your personnel search. Click here for more information.

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Legal challenges to state gun control bill would be restricted to Marion County, new amendment says
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Portland mayor orders police to patrol downtown fentanyl market
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Annual report shows expansion of community policing in Eastpointe
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International law enforcement seizes dark web market
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