May 31, 2023

As promised! Tips and tools for making your association experience a smooth one.
Throughout the summer months we'll be spotlighting various association tips and tools we think will help our members better utilize OACP's platform. This week we're highlighting:

Communication with Fellow Members
Committee Management System (CMS) and E-lists; facilitating committee communication

The CMS allows for simple communication while providing a means to keep historical records for current and future committee members to review. Please note there is character limits in sending a message. Files can also be uploaded at this site and reviewed. 

The E-list allows you to send an email to everyone on the committee and is not limited by character count.  They are currently set up so that every reply by a fellow committee member will be seen by all. 

If you are serving on a committee this year it would benefit you to learn how to use these resources. If you are not yet familiar with them, they're easy. Just follow the simple steps we have outlined in the document below. We will be sending additional information about this to each committee member.

Click here for instructions to utilize the Committee Management System and E-lists.
Click here for committee information and rosters.


2023 Fall Conference
September 27 & 28 at DPSST

Mark your calendars in preparation for
this training at DPSST.



Springfield PD staff attended the 74th Annual Springfield Memorial Day Ceremony hosted by The American Legion Post #40. Lt. George Crolly, a United States Air Force Veteran (and OACP member), delivered remarks at the ceremony.

Sandy PD shone a light on Memorial day; honoring the fallen and remembering their sacrifice, and celebrating the freedoms that come with it.


(In case you did not see the message sent out yesterday regarding this.)

John Van Dreal's presentation video entitled “A Comprehensive System for Preventive Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management in the Schools” has been added to our growing video library on the OACP Training Center. You'll find it inside the "2023 Annual Conference" package as well as in the "F6 | Leadership" package. To navigate there, log in to the Members' Only area and choose Training in the upper ribbon. 

This video is available to all OACP members. It is also available for the head of Member Agencies to forward to any person in their agency by simply copying the url and having them use the password OACPTraining. We hope this adds tremendous value to your OACP membership. While at the Training Center make sure to peruse all the additional video offerings. We will be adding more Annual Conference training videos as soon as they are edited. We'll keep you posted. 

Oregon News


Nearly 2 dozen Oregonians died in police use of force incidents in 2022
Oregon Capital Chronicle
Oregon lawmakers hear preview to the state’s first use-of-force report.
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‘It’s crazy out there’: The reasons behind Oregon’s deepening drug crisis
Fueled by fentanyl, the number of overdose deaths in Oregon has soared since 2019. And while the surge in overdoses is part of a national problem, the state’s underfunded treatment system is struggling to provide local solutions.
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Portland and Oregon Cops Are Seizing Less Property In Busts
Willamette Week
The long criticized practice has been made more difficult by the courts.
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National News


New Mexico convenes law enforcement commission to disrupt organized crime
AP News
New Mexico’s governor announced a new effort to confront organized crime Wednesday by convening a specialized commission of local prosecutors and leading law enforcement officials.
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Lawmakers approve school safety bill that would require an armed person at every Texas campus
The Texas Tribune
Texas lawmakers sent a sweeping school safety measure to Gov. Greg Abbott on Sunday, including in their response to last year’s Uvalde massacre a requirement to post an armed security officer at every school and provide mental health training for certain district employees.
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Raleigh County Sheriff’s Department hosts mobile ballistics tracking lab
As police departments across the nation fight a rising number of gun crimes, Raleigh and Mercer counties are among those most affected in southern West Virginia, federal officials said Tuesday, May 30, 2023 during a visit to Beckley.
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