May 3, 2023

2023-24 Committee Sign Ups

The OACP has nine “standing committees” and one “special committee” and each have immense importance to the OACP. The committees are vital for the OACP to continue to function efficiently and are a wonderful example that we are a member-run association. Please sign up by this Friday, May 5.

OACP Training Center

ETHOS Academy has graciously offered to give OACP access to their training from the Annual Conference for a limited time. To access the training, go to the OACP Training Center from the Members Only Landing page. You will find the training in the ETHOS package, along with information on their Transition Assistance Program for officers one year out from retirement. If there are any issues signing in to the ETHOS platform from our site, please contact Jeff Crapo directly at [email protected]. We hope this training will add value to your membership and greatly benefit your agency.


Meet Our Newest OTHER ASSOCIATE Members!

Support Services Manager Brendt Galloway, McMinnville PD
Accreditation Manager Merab Smith, Albany PD  

New Member Fun Facts:
We asked our new members about their hobbies, favorite music genre, where they would travel if given the chance, and their favorite food. Here's what they had to say:

Brendt Galloway - I am a big basketball fan. I enjoy going to Trail Blazers games, playing in a weekly pick-up game, and coaching my nine year-old son's basketball team. Me and my family are planning on traveling to Slovenia and Croatia in the summer of 2024, really looking forward to that trip.

Merab Smith - When I'm not working, I'm fishing with my husband and two dogs. We moor our boat in Newport for half of the year and love the salt life. Fish on! For vacation, if we're not fishing, we go on family road trips (us and the pups) exploring as far as Nebraska.


Chief Jeff Bowman Retires

Congratulations to Chief Jeff Bowman (Gearhart PD) on his retirement on April 1, 2023. Chief Bowman has had a long and distinguished career with Gearhart PD having began with the department in 1983 and becoming chief in 1986. He became an OACP member in November 1986 and is a Life Member. The OACP thanks him for his service and wishes him a happy and fulfilling retirement.


Rooms need to be reserved by June 29!

Solamar San Diego
(about .4 mile away from Convention Center) 
To reserve a room, click here
Conference information, click here

Oregon News


Oregon House passes gun control bill that proponents say brings ‘common sense’ regulations
The Oregon House on Tuesday passed a gun control package that proponents described as a “common sense” initiative that will save lives and reduce mass shootings while preserving personal liberties.
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Portland City Council approves police body camera policies, paving way for late summer launch
Portland City Council members cleared the final path for police to start wearing body cameras Wednesday, ending the city’s tenure as the largest in the country whose officers don’t wear the devices.
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Oregon bill would let more people qualify to end post-prison supervision early
Oregon Capital Chronicle
Supporters say the measure provides a much-needed incentive for people returning from prison.
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Controversial Oregon bill would have made homeless camp 'sweeps' illegal, allowed swept campers to sue for $1,000
The bill is dead for this legislative session since it missed the deadline to advance. However, there will still be public testimony on it later this week.
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National News


Beaufort County law enforcement join forces to improve safety
They all serve different parts of Beaufort County but all have the same goal: protecting and serving their community.
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Poll finds big safety concerns among Boston public school parents
Commonwealth Magazine
Amid growing concerns over violence in Boston schools, a new poll finds that more than two-thirds of parents of Boston Public Schools students are worried about their children’s safety in school and three-quarters would support a return of police to the city’s schools.
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Online predators target children’s webcams, study finds
The Conversation
There has been a tenfold increase in sexual abuse imagery created with webcams and other recording devices worldwide since 2019, according to the the Internet Watch Foundation.
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Phoenix company ElectraTect creating marijuana Breathalyzer
Cronkite News
Scientists at Phoenix-based company ElectraTect are working to create a marijuana Breathalyzer to detect recent consumption of THC — the major psychoactive component in marijuana.
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OACP Weekly Update

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