January 4, 2023

OACPs New Training Center is LIVE!

As part of OACP membership benefits, we're excited to be able to offer our members a Training Center packed full of training videos from our past conferences. Log in to the Members Only area and click on Training in the upper ribbon and a drop-down menu will give you a list of F6 categories to choose from. All videos from that category are housed in order by the date of the conference. Simply click on the link of the video to view the training, the password is provided below the video title.

Thanks to a generous grant from DPSST we'll be transitioning to a more robust platform in the weeks to come, but in the meantime you can utilize the Training Center in its current format. We couldn't wait another minute to bring you these valuable training offerings, and we hope this adds tremendous value to your OACP membership.


2023 Executive Leadership Training Seminar

January 11 - 13, 2023
Click here for a roster as of 01/03/2023

Cancellation Policy:
Please inform us of your cancellation by the end of today, January 4, in order to receive a full refund. Because the meal count needs to be submitted at this time and all meals get charged for regardless, we ask that you let us know prior to this deadline. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please note: Conference prices increased by $25 after Christmas.

Option #1: $324 (Post-Christmas price)
Includes 2023 OEDI membership and 4 hours of training Wednesday afternoon. This also covers all-day training on Thursday and half-day training Friday morning. Please note: OEDI will have a check-in sheet for those who have registered for the 4-hour OEDI-sponsored training.

Option #2: $250 (Post-Christmas Price)
Includes OACP Board meeting Wednesday afternoon, along with all-day training on Thursday and half-day training Friday morning.  This price DOES NOT include 2023 OEDI membership or Wednesday afternoon OEDI-sponsored training.

Thank you to our conference sponsors:

Axon is providing a double sponsorship for both the ELTS Conference and the 2023 Annual Conference.


Congratulations to Chief Nick Hurley

The OACP congratulates Chief Nick Hurley (Corvallis PD) on his retirement on December 30. Chief Hurley has been on the force since 1995 when he started as a seasonal cadet with the Oregon State Police. He has served as Chief of Corvallis PD for the past two years. Chief Hurley has been an OACP member since 2016. Chief Marcia Harnden presented Chief Hurley with the OACP Retirement plaque at his retirement ceremony - pictures will be posted on Facebook soon. The OACP wishes Chief Hurley a relaxing and fulfilling retirement!

Congratulations New Chief!

Congratulations to Chief Jason Harvey who has taken the reigns in Corvallis as of December 30. Chief Harvey began his law enforcement career in 1997 with Corvallis PD and brings 25 years of experience to his new role. He has been an OACP member since 2019. The OACP congratulates Chief Harvey on this career accomplishment and wishes him great success in this new role.


Membership Dues Renewal

Thank you to the 70+ agencies who have already paid their dues. We appreciate the time you have taken to submit the form. We look forward to serving our members to a greater capacity as a result of the additional resources. If you have not yet paid your dues and have questions about submitting your renewal form, we are here to assist you. 

Stayton Police Department
Police Captain
Salary: The salary range for the position is $88,578.99 to $115,575.46 per year DOQ
Closing date: January 25, 2023

Click here for a candidate profile.
Click here for more information and to apply.

Placing an advertisement with the OACP is a great way to expand the market reach of your personnel search. Click here for more information.

Oregon News


Measure 114′s background-check requirement that closes ‘Charleston loophole’ remains blocked by judge
The Oregonian

A state judge Tuesday continued to temporarily block Measure 114′s provision that would require the completion of a criminal background check before a gun can be sold or transferred in Oregon.
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Oregon Supreme Court finds hundreds convicted by nonunanimous juries deserve new trial

The opinion offers clarity for people convicted in trials where not everyone on the jury agreed the convicted person was guilty.
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Police seize 55,000 fentanyl pills, dozens of pounds of other drugs from 2 Salem residents
Salem Reporter
Salem residents await federal drug trafficking charges after police seized 26 guns and dozens of pounds of methamphetamine, cocaine, fentanyl pills and heroin.
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National News


Virginia bill targets fentanyl dealers, proposes first-degree murder charges
The Washington Times
A Virginia bill would make fentanyl dealers liable for first-degree murder charges if passed into law.
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Beverly Hills police add another ‘eye in the sky’ with expanded drone program
Los Angeles Times
The 911 caller reported seeing a man wrestle a woman to the ground in an attempt to rob her before taking off on a bicycle. Beverly Hills police responded, but before a patrol car could get to the scene, officers already had their eyes on the suspect.
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Sweeping Criminal Justice Law Changes OK’d by Ohio Governor
U.S. News & World Report
The proposal would prohibit drivers from “using, holding, or physically supporting” a cellphone, with some exceptions, such as if they are stopped at a red light, using a speakerphone function without holding the phone, or holding a phone to their ears for a call but not using texting or typing functions.
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