January 18, 2023

Last week we wrapped up the 2023 ELTS Winter Conference. 

New Chiefs Dinner... A favorite OACP tradition is to gather all the new chiefs from around the state during the ELTS conference, along with the Executive Board, and enjoy a relaxing evening together over dinner. It provides just the right setting for getting to know one another. A special thanks to retired Chief (and former OACP President) Jim Ferraris' consulting firm for helping to sponsor this event. A fun addition to introductions included, "What career would you have pursued if you hadn't gone into law enforcement?" See below a few of the new chiefs' responses. We'll be featuring more of the new chiefs' responses in the weeks ahead. Unfortunately because of scheduling conflicts, not all new chiefs were able to join us. 

Chief Travis Gullberg (Gresham PD) says he loves to cook, garden and feed hummingbirds. Perhaps he would have been a chef, gardener, or an ornithologist if he hadn't felt the passion for keeping his community safe!

Chief Ty Hanlon (Sherwood PD) has a side business with his sons: wrapping vehicles. Running a family business may have been what took his time and attention if it wasn't law enforcement.

Chief Gwen Johns (Stayton PD) loves soccer (playing competitively for years), and likely would have been a soccer coach and teacher had she not become a police officer. 

Presenter Sara Winegar Budge (daughter of retired chief Steve Winegar) spoke on Violent Extremism in America: Understanding the Threat.

Julie Parker presented on the topic: “Tell Your Story Before Someone Else Does: Crisis Communications for Law Enforcement.”

Bill McAlpine, Chief Kathy McAlpine's brother, held the attention of the crowd the last day of the conference by teaching on: "Core Performance – Managing Personal Energy for Balance and Productivity."

If you attended the conference and have not already completed the evaluation form, please take a moment to give us your feedback. Your responses help make our training relevant and engaging. Thank you in advance for your time.


Consider Applying for the 2023 IACP Scholarship

The OACP offers a $2,000 scholarship to assist one Chief to attend the annual International Chiefs of Police (IACP) Conference. The scholarship is awarded on a point-system basis. Applications need to be submitted by March 31.  For information on this scholarship and an application form, click here. When applying, please make sure you are using version 2022.1 (located in bottom left corner of form).

"Because of the OACP Scholarship to attend the IACP Conference in Dallas, I was able to expand on my abilities to lead my department and stay current on relevant initiatives currently effecting  the law enforcement community."
~Chief Dave Rash, 2022 IACP Scholarship recipient

New Chief in Burns

The OACP welcomes and congratulates Chief Steve Macartney Jr. on his appointment to Chief of Burns Police Department. Chief Macartney is not yet an OACP member, so feel free to reach out, welcome him, and invite him to join the association. The OACP wishes him a smooth transition into this new role.


Meet Our Newest ACTIVE Members!

(New Associate & Other Associate Members will be highlighted in the coming weeks.)

Sergeant Juventino Bañuelos, Independence PD
Chief Scott Logue, Central Point PD
Sergeant Justin Hedlund, Independence PD
Chief Kevin McQuead, Enterprise PD
Operations Lieutenant Eric Henderson, Lincoln City PD
Lieutenant James Swank, Ontario PD
Captain Rob Gray, Prineville PD
Sergeant Shane Bird, Aumsville PD

New Member Fun Facts:

We asked our new members about their hobbies, favorite music genre, where they would travel if given the chance, and their favorite food. Here's what they had to say:

Juventino Bañuelos - I would love to have more time to strum on my guitar and I would love to get back to Maui.

James Swank - Hobbies: Camping, fishing, four-wheeling, sports, spending time with family. Food: Cheeseburgers, steaks and Italian food. Vacation: Alaska fishing trip. Music: Listen to everything.

Shane Bird - Outdoor activities, welding, automotive restoration. Classic rock is my preferred music. Eastern Oregon desert is where I'd like to vacation. 

Scott Logue - Hunting, fishing, wood turning and watching my youngest daughter's college basketball games.- I prefer country music, but listen to several genres.- I own a house on the big island 
of Hawaii and lived/worked previously in Kauai... so Hawaii is an easy answer. Although we have traveled many other places, to include Tahiti, Paris, Thailand and soon to be Morocco. For a quick bite to eat, I'd probably grab a Hawaiian plate lunch. With more time to prepare, I'd take a prime rib or ribeye.

Justin Hedlund - My free time is usually spent with my family; whether it's watching or coaching one of my two son's many sporting events, working on chores or projects around our small 
farm property, enjoying the outdoors, infrequently riding my Harley, or vacationing with my wife and kids. I think I would really like to spend some time in Scandinavia and some of the Countries in the Northern Mediterranean.

Kevin McQuead - Family oriented. I love authentic Mexican food. I love to travel. I love Americana - Country Folk music

Eric Henderson - Hobby: Classic car restoration. Music: Whatever my wife wants to listen to. Vacation: Stay at home with the family! Food: Anything pasta.

Rob Gray - My family is my biggest hobby. I was blessed with 5 
boys, and currently have twins that are freshmen in high school. I am very busy during the school year with school sports. I enjoy time outdoors with my family, shooting, and camping. I generally like all 
music dependent on my mood or what I am doing. Well, everything except jazz, true classic rock, and death metal. My next vacation will be in Alaska. If given the choice to go anywhere, it would be driven by who would be going with me; the entire family or just the wife. When I can't figure out what I want to eat, sushi or a good carne asada taco can't be beat.

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