April 26, 2023

Bend Night Out...
There was a bus full of individuals who were transported to several restaurants and breweries in Bend to enjoy time with fellow colleagues. Thank you to Chris Taylor of FARO who provided Executive Member Hosts a wad of cash to cover the drinks for those who participated in the evening out. By the look of the pictures, it was a fun time for all.


2023-24 Committee Sign Ups

The OACP has nine “standing committees” and one “special committee” and each have immense importance to the OACP. The committees are vital for the OACP to continue to function efficiently and are a wonderful example that we are a member-run association. Click on the button below to sign up.

OACP Training Center

ETHOS Academy has graciously offered to give OACP access to their training from the Annual Conference for a limited time. To access the training, go to the OACP Training Center from the Members Only Landing page. You will find the training in the ETHOS package, along with information on their Transition Assistance Program for officers one year out from retirement. If there are any issues signing in to the ETHOS platform from our site, please contact Jeff Crapo directly at [email protected]. We hope this training will add value to your membership and greatly benefit your agency.


Meet Our Newest ASSOCIATE Members!
(New Other Associate Members will be highlighted next week.)

Captain Jacob Clark, Portland Police Bureau
Captain Jacob Jensen, Portland Police Bureau
Captain Franz Schoening, Portland Police Bureau
Lieutenant Alex Johnson, Albany Police Department
Commander Craig Dobson, Portland Police Bureau
Lieutenant Michael Miner, Grants Pass Police Department
Captain Amanda McMillan, Portland Police Bureau
Commander Christopher Gjovik, Portland Police Bureau
Captain Gregory Pashley, Portland Police Bureau
Commander Kristina Jones, Portland Police Bureau
Commander Robert Simon, Portland Police Bureau
Police Captain John Rasmussen, Gresham Police Department
Major Alex Gardner, Oregon State Police
Captain Andy McCool, Oregon State Police
Captain Ryan Martin, Oregon State Police
Captain Jason Maniscalco, Bend Police Department
Sergeant Christopher Turner, Tualatin Police Department
Sergeant Eric French, Tualatin Police Department
Lieutenant Michael Landolt, Bend Police Department
Lieutenant Brian Beekman, Bend Police Department
Lieutenant Juli-ann McConkey, Bend Police Department
Lieutenant Matthew Seney, Corvallis Police Department

New Member Fun Facts:
We asked our new members about their hobbies, favorite music genre, where they would travel if given the chance, and their favorite food. Here's what they had to say about these and other fun facts about themselves:

Eric French - I enjoy playing drums. This is a hobby I've had since middle school.

Michael Landolt - Pick-up and League Basketball, Country Music, Hawaii, Pizza.

Brian Beekman - I enjoy alpine skiing with my wife and three children. If I got the chance, I would like to vacation in South America.

Juli McConkey - The hobby I enjoy the most is camping with my family and friends. We have an RV, so it is really just a home away from home. My favorite music genres are the 70's and 80's as it was a much simpler time, in my opinion. One spot I'd like to vacation to someday is in Africa on a safari. That vacation is on my bucket list.

Jacob Clark - I'm currently working and raising kids, so my favorite "hobby" is trying to get adequate sleep and trying my best to maintain sanity. Any vacation is a good vacation!

Jacob Jensen - My favorite music genre is Tom Waits, although I think it's hard to classify him into just one genre. I love history, so if given the chance, I'd love to vacation to the Middle East (Israel, Egypt, etc) or the Mediterranean (Greece, Italy, etc) for the rich history in those areas. If I'm hungry, I'll try to reach for a protein bar, but often my grasp lands on Doritos Cool Ranch chips instead.

Franz Schoening - Hobbies: Backpacking and trail riding (horses) Music genre: Country (not modern country).

Alex Johnson - The best part of my world are my two daughters, 11 and 8. Fitness is my passion, and I previously owned a gym for seven years. Music - Country all the time! Vacation - I would love to see as many football and baseball stadiums as possible.

Craig Dobson - Hobbies: Hobby farming, gardening, hiking and hunting. Vacation: outdoors, mountains!

Michael Miner - Hobbies: Basically anything travel related and food; Music genre: Country and 80's pop; Vacation: Italy; Favorite food: Pizza

Amanda McMillan - Vacation - Hawaii for sure! Hungry - TexMex -

Gregory Pashley - Deacon - Archdiocese of Portland

Kristina Jones - I love to fish and vacation to warm realms 
like Hawaii where I enjoy snorkeling.

Robert Simon - Hobby: Classic vehicle restoration; Vacation: Anywhere with sun and surf.

John Rasmussen - Traveled to Thailand in August 2022 to teach swimming, English and anti-human trafficking skills to 400+ students near the Myanmar border. I hold multiple competitive 
swimming records in Oregon. Raced from Alcatraz to San Francisco three times. Volunteer swim coach for the past 15 years- Sam Barlow High School.

Jason Maniscalco - 1: Coaching youth baseball 2: Country music 3: 
Chandelier Islands (Redfish fishing) 4: Peanuts

Christopher Turner - My hobbies include: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, running, and listening to a small but growing vinyl record collection. I am an avid Disneyland fan, have read all sorts of books regarding its history, creation and evolution, and will always make a trip there if I can (and the wife can put up with me). Other than Disneyland, I would like to travel someday to New Zealand because my dad's side of the family immigrated to San Francisco from there in 1928.


Congratulations to OACP Life Member,
Chief Jeff Kosmicki

Though Chief Kosmicki was not able to attend the Annual Conference in person where he was recognized, we sent him his Life Membership certificate and a small token of appreciation for his faithful commit-"MINT" to the OACP for the past 15 years.


Rooms need to be reserved by June 29!

Solamar San Diego
(about .4 mile away from Convention Center) 

To reserve a room, click here 

Conference information, click here

Oregon News


Oregon state police seize 100,000 fentanyl pills, 33 pounds powdered fentanyl in 2 freeway stops
The Oregonian
Two men face significant drug trafficking allegations following separate freeway stops by Oregon State Police.
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Lawmakers approve bill to allow speed cameras in all Oregon cities
Mobile speed cameras could soon be popping up around the state after lawmakers approved a bill Monday that would allow any Oregon city to use photo enforcement to catch and ticket speeders.
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Military dedicates drone range in Boardman
East Oregonian
The Oregon National Guard and the U.S. Navy conducted a ribbon cutting ceremony Friday, April 21, at the new Unmanned Aerial System Operating Facility.
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National News


US attorney, law enforcement, city of Detroit announce One Detroit crime prevention partnership
WXYZ Detroit
The city of Detroit is working to curb gun violence with a new partnership with the U.S. attorney's office, state, local and federal law enforcement agencies and community activists.
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Hawaii police promises to crack down on illegal cockfighting, gambling
Fox News
Police in Hawaii have vowed to step up illegal gambling enforcement after one of the most serious shootings in state history called attention to the dangers that come with cockfighting, which has deep roots in the islands and remains popular despite being illegal.
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Washington state governor signs new gun law; immediate challenge filed
The Oregonian
Washington Gov. Jay Inslee signed a trio of bills meant to address gun violence Tuesday, one banning the sale of certain semi-automatic rifles, one imposing a 10-day waiting period on firearms purchases and one clearing the way for lawsuits against gun makers or sellers in certain cases.
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